April 14, 2012

Food for thought, er...writing.

Hands down, the most scrumptious forms of sustenance when writing are (in no particular order and, in our humble Lindseyish opinion):

1. Tea
2. Breakfast tacos
3. Cheese
4. Bacon
5. Salami ('cause it's a great partner for the cheese)
6. Wine (especially after 8+ hours of writing, blogging, and social networking, eh?)
7. More Tea
8. Little sandwiches (so we can pretend we're in a Jane Austin novel, duh)
9. Apples (to go with the cheese when it gets to cheesy; one must maximize potential cheese consumption)
10. More cheese
11. More bacon
12. More tea (to counter the sleepiness from the wine)
13. Leftovers from last night's dinner ('cause you need something other than eggs and cheese, or so they* say)
14. Deviled eggs
15. Quiche (eggs + cheese = no explanation required)
16. One last cup of tea (for its sheer deliciousness)

Based on the list, you'd think eggs and cheese are a great writing aid...either that or we just like them.

What are your favorite writing foods (and drinks!)?

*Who "they" are is still under investigation. We're sure "they" must be shoddy thinkers to proclaim such ridiculousness. 

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