October 30, 2013

INTO THE FIRE countdown: 23 days...

...until the release of the sequel to After The Ending!

For today's countdown goody, we're sharing Into The Fire's table of contents. Here you go!
Prologue: Mase
Chapter 1: Zoe
Chapter 2: Zoe
Chapter 3: Dani
Chapter 4: Dani
Chapter 5: Zoe
Chapter 6: Dani
Chapter 7: Zoe
Chapter 8: Dani
Chapter 9: Zoe
Chapter 10: Dani
Chapter 11: Zoe
Chapter 12: Dani
Chapter 13: Mase
Chapter 14: Dani
Chapter 15: Zoe
Chapter 16: Dani
Chapter 17: Zoe
Chapter 18: Dani
Chapter 19: Dani
Chapter 20: Zoe
Chapter 21: Dani
Chapter 22: Zoe
Chapter 23: Dani
Chapter 24: Mase
Chapter 25: Dani
Chapter 26: Dani
Chapter 27: Zoe
Chapter 28: Dani
Chapter 29: Zoe
Chapter 30: Dani
Chapter 31: Zoe
Chapter 32: Dani
Chapter 33: Zoe
Chapter 34: Mase
Chapter 35: Dani
Chapter 36: Zoe
There are a couple of really excited elements that are new to the series in this book. First, there are maps! We'll be sharing them with you as we get closer to the release date (11/22), but we will tell you this now--there are two, one drawn by Zoe and one by Dani.

The second exciting element displayed in the TOC is the addition of Mase to The Ending series family. Mase has three chapters in the body of the book, along with the prologue. We'll do a little feature on his character/role in Into The Fire on November 1st...which just happens to be three weeks until the book's release date!

October 28, 2013

INTO THE FIRE countdown: 25 days...

...until the world finally finds out what the heck happened to Dani in the second book of The Ending series.

Today's countdown snippet is a few lines from inside Dani's head. Here you go...
It was mind-boggling that the moves leading to the destruction of mankind had been set in play so long ago, before I was even born. Had anyone known the consequences of their actions? Had the demolition of civilization been the goal even then? Or were the key players just looking to make a new, stronger breed of people?

Any hypotheses?

October 26, 2013

INTO THE FIRE is available for pre-order on Kobo!

Attention Kobo readers...27 days until the release of Into The Fire, and we are very pleased to announce that the book is available for pre-order on Kobo!

After The Ending is also available through Kobo's online bookstore...

...which is awesome for all of you Kobo peeps! 

Ahg! We can't believe Into The Fire is already pre-order-able! It means the release is so soon, and we're so, so, so excited to share the next installment of Dani and Zoe's post-apocalyptic (and romantic) adventures with you guys! Eeeeeek!

October 24, 2013

INTO THE FIRE Release Countdown: 29 days...

...until the release of the second book in The Ending series!

Here's another little Zoe excerpt:

“You had a vision earlier…yesterday, when you were hugging Dani, didn’t you?” I knew I wasn’t going to like his reply the moment he closed his eyes in…regret? 
Harper didn’t look at me when he spoke. “I saw her in darkness,” he said quietly. “I don’t know if she was sleeping or—” 
“Unconscious,” I finished for him, refusing to hear him utter the word “dead.”

October 21, 2013

INTO THE FIRE (The Ending, #2) Release Countdown: 31 days...

...until the release of the second book in The Ending series!

Into The Fire (The Ending, #2)

Here's today's countdown goody:
Evenly spaced lights shone from the ceiling with a bright, artificial glow. They hummed. It was annoying. For several months, I’d been without electricity of any kind. There had been no overhead lights in the middle of the night, no showers spraying deliciously hot water, no microwaves, and no washing machines. My people and I had reverted back to the basics and had grown accustomed to a simpler way of life. I couldn’t get over how loud the electricity was; it buzzed incessantly, threatening to drive me insane.
And yes, this is from a Dani chapter...

October 20, 2013

INTO THE FIRE (The Ending, #2) Release Countdown: 32 days...

...until the release of the second book in The Ending series!

Into The Fire (The Ending, #2)
To celebrate, here's another little snippet from the first chapter (Zoe):
“Look how close they were to us,” I said with a shaky breath. I gauged the distance between where we stood and the barn. Although far away, I could see the dim embers of the night’s fire and the outline of the hay bales and chairs surrounding it. I watched the dark figures of my companions as they moved around the camp. “We never even heard them.”
More to come tomorrow!

October 18, 2013

Into The Fire release countdown: 34 days and counting...

34 days...

Until Into The Fire's release on November 22, we'll be posting some sort of teaser from the book every day!!! Here's today's goody from the first chapter of Into The Fire:

“Then you stay here and plan,” Jason said with a smirk. “I’ll go find Dani.”

“Get over yourself already!” I seethed. “You think I’m not worried about her? Like I haven’t been waiting to see Dani for months? Like I haven’t been worrying about her since all this bullshit started? Like suddenly I don’t care about her anymore because you’re in the picture? She’s my best friend, remember? Or did you forget that, since everything’s always about you?” My voice was riddled with bitterness and jealousy, and my words were laden with twenty-six years’ worth of resentment.

To my surprise, Jason remained silent.

October 15, 2013

COVER REDESIGN: After The Ending gets a makeover

We have two wonderful announcements to make...first, After The Ending has a shiny new cover! What do you think?

And second, and just as exciting...After The Ending is spreading. The ebook version is no longer restricted to kindle readers. It's still available on Amazon, but now it can also be purchased from Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords! Excitement! 

October 6, 2013

COVER REVEAL: Into The Fire (The Ending, #2), sequel to After The Ending

The Virus changed them, but that was only the beginning…
…all that remains is hope.

In the wake of destruction left behind by the Virus, it took Dani and Zoe months to find each other. But their reunion was short-lived. Dani has been taken, and though little distance separates them, they might as well be worlds apart.

From the moment she hears Dani’s scream, Zoe’s only goal is to save her best friend. She and her companions scramble to come up with a rescue plan, but when a ghost from Jake’s past reappears, lines are blurred, decisions become harder, and secrets are revealed…and some secrets are best left buried. To keep heartache and fear from consuming her, Zoe must cling to her determination. She will see Dani again.

Dani awakens inside the final hold-out of civilization: the Colony. Remnants of the former world surround her—electricity, safety, social order—but all is not what it seems. As she faces her most manipulative adversary yet, she loses sight of who she is and who she can trust. Friends become enemies, enemies become allies, and allies will betray her. Dani will have to decide what she’s willing to do and whose lives she’s willing to risk if she is to have any chance of breaking free.