October 30, 2013

INTO THE FIRE countdown: 23 days...

...until the release of the sequel to After The Ending!

For today's countdown goody, we're sharing Into The Fire's table of contents. Here you go!
Prologue: Mase
Chapter 1: Zoe
Chapter 2: Zoe
Chapter 3: Dani
Chapter 4: Dani
Chapter 5: Zoe
Chapter 6: Dani
Chapter 7: Zoe
Chapter 8: Dani
Chapter 9: Zoe
Chapter 10: Dani
Chapter 11: Zoe
Chapter 12: Dani
Chapter 13: Mase
Chapter 14: Dani
Chapter 15: Zoe
Chapter 16: Dani
Chapter 17: Zoe
Chapter 18: Dani
Chapter 19: Dani
Chapter 20: Zoe
Chapter 21: Dani
Chapter 22: Zoe
Chapter 23: Dani
Chapter 24: Mase
Chapter 25: Dani
Chapter 26: Dani
Chapter 27: Zoe
Chapter 28: Dani
Chapter 29: Zoe
Chapter 30: Dani
Chapter 31: Zoe
Chapter 32: Dani
Chapter 33: Zoe
Chapter 34: Mase
Chapter 35: Dani
Chapter 36: Zoe
There are a couple of really excited elements that are new to the series in this book. First, there are maps! We'll be sharing them with you as we get closer to the release date (11/22), but we will tell you this now--there are two, one drawn by Zoe and one by Dani.

The second exciting element displayed in the TOC is the addition of Mase to The Ending series family. Mase has three chapters in the body of the book, along with the prologue. We'll do a little feature on his character/role in Into The Fire on November 1st...which just happens to be three weeks until the book's release date!

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