May 18, 2012

Chapters 1-25 for your reading pleasure

If you check out our snazzy First Chapters page, you'll find links to chapters 1-25 in a handy list. Two more chapters will be added soon, 26 and 27, but the rest (40 more chapters) will be saved for the published book/ebook.

We've been going through an interesting process of writing and revising which has involved switching back and forth between first and third person. We spent a few months on the fence, and have finally settled on first person as the best vehicle for Dani and Zoe to tell their story. Though most of the chapters posted here do not reflect this amazingly genius decision, they will in the end (not to be confused with The Ending, of course).

Our tentative release date for book one of The Ending Series, After The Ending, is winter 2012. More specific information to come.

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