June 22, 2012

Keeping Busy (Outdoors) - After the Ending

Surviving the end of the world isn't all it's cracked up to be. Survivors often experience guilt and displacement after being ripped from their homes, losing their loved ones and navigating an unknown world in the hopes of remaining alive.

One might find themselves entertaining desperate thoughts of loneliness and uncertainty, especially living within the unfamiliar ranges of Mother Nature. Emotional breakdowns are not uncommon among survivors post-apocalypse and thoughts of suicide sometimes lingers in the back of their minds, the invitation to ease struggle or suffering a titillating possibility.

But alas, there is hope! There's plenty to do After the Ending, so cheer up!

When you're not scouting the perimeter of your safe haven, foraging for food or killing off Crazies, you can pass your time agreeably by doing any of the following things if you're living in the wild:
  • Build a fort or tree house 
  • Install a rope or tire swing 
  • Find hidden shapes in the clouds 
  • Go berry tasting - (Caution: this could result in death) 
  • Swing through the trees like Tarzan 
  • Establish a bug or animal hospital 
  • Go rock climbing 
  • Dig for gold 
  • Skip rocks (if there's any sort of body of water) 
  • Give yourself a tattoo using a bird's feather and black berry juice 
  • Go on a bear hunt 
  • Bird watching 
  • Plan a safari 
  • Go hiking 
  • Tie-Dye your clothes using vines as rubber bands and berry juice as dye 
  • Make mud pies 
  • Make a broom out of pine needles 
  • Whittle wooden sculptures 
  • Make Arrowheads 
  • Search for the elusive Bigfoot and hope he's friendly
  • Throw stuff off a bridge

Keeping Busy (Indoors) Edition Coming Soon!

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