August 20, 2012

Keeping Busy (Indoors) - After the Ending

How to keep yourself busy after the apocalypse...urban style.

1.  Throw stuff off the roof
2.  Go cow tipping
3.  Make a fort out of blankets and couch cushions
4.  Play dress-up and talk with a British accent
5.  Draw on the walls with Crayons like you always wanted to
6.  Build a bunker under your house
7.  Read all the books you kept putting off
8.  Paint with food coloring
9.  Spit polish the hardwood floor
10.Sing Celine Dion in the shower (don't deny it)
11.Convert your attic to a prison cell
12.Hunt for dust bunnies
13.Inventory your house's nooks and crannies in case you're ever in a pinch
14.Raid your neighbor's house
15.Climb the walls
16.Lock yourself in the closet
17.Come out of the closet
18.Practice yodeling in the bathroom

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