November 5, 2013

INTO THE FIRE countdown: 17 days...

...until the release of the sequel to After The Ending!

For today's countdown snippet, we're sharing a Zoe excerpt that's a little bit longer than those we've shared previously (other than the prologue, of course!). :) 
Unsure what to expect, we held our weapons at the ready—Jake and I with our pistols, and Carlos with Chris’s shotgun—moving silently and swiftly toward what appeared to be the back of the house. 
The place looked like a junkyard. We passed a few rusted tractors and a mound of bowling balls that had been there so long weeds had grown up out of the finger holes of each ball. Old, splintered doors were piled up in what might have been a burn pile at one time, and a pale pink bathtub from the fifties sat inside an upside-down truck hood, broken in half. 
I began to feel uneasy as we approached the garden. Letting my mind find the offending sensations, I realized there was someone inside the stable. Someone…wrong. 
Without hesitating, I grabbed Jake’s arm and pointed to the dilapidated structure. “There’s someone in there,” I mouthed. My index finger drew a few invisible circles beside my ear to indicate it was probably a Crazy. I looked back at Carlos to make sure he understood, but he was gone. Shit.
That's it for today's countdown snippet. Don't forget that we've promised to share the first chapter early if The Ending Facebook page reaches 400 likes, and the second chapter if it reaches 450. :) Gook luck! We hope you awesome peeps can make it happen!

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