April 1, 2014

The Ending Series Fantasy Cast: Sarah

It was a close one, but "Sarah" has finally been chosen. The nominees were:

Option 1: Emmy Rossum
Option 2: Kate Mara
Option 3: Leighton Meester
Option 4: Tracy Spiridakos

Your choice for who should play Sarah is...

Kate Mara
Sarah Thompson is mostly sweet and often naive, with a spark of innocence that tends to draw people in.
I wondered if he was attracted to her. It wouldn't be surprising--her brown eyes were glittering in the glow from the fire, and her curly hair was a perfect tangle of seductive femininity. 
(Zoe's thoughts on Sarah, chapter 14 of After The Ending)

The race for who should play Sarah may be over, but there are many more characters still to cast in The Ending Series fantasy casting call! Make sure your voice is heard by commenting here on the blog or on The Ending Series Facebook and Twitter pages. :D

UP NEXT: Riley Biggs
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