November 10, 2015

Before The Dawn, Excerpt Extras!

Greetings, Endingers! 

Here are a couple excerpts from Before The Dawn, due out Friday, November 20th. 

What were people’s lives like now that they didn’t have to sit in traffic or be on conference calls? Were they worried about the amount of food in their pantries? About clean water? And as far as I knew, no one—save for the exploration, trading, and scavenging teams—needed to leave the protection of the New Bodega community. Everyone had probably already forgotten what’s out there, hidden in the abandoned alleyways and dark corners of the country. I wasn’t sure which was worse, remembering or not remembering. But given the easy, carefree steps of citizens wandering in and out of the building, it seemed they hadn’t a care in the world.
- Zoe, Before The Dawn, book four of The Ending Series

I barked a laugh and felt a sudden, rush of relief. It always amazed me how laughter could wash misery away like a wave smoothing out footprints in sand. Smiling at Zoe, I fished a handkerchief out of my pocket and handed it to her. “You’ve got some wayward snot…”
Her eyes went wide, and then she smacked my arm. “Smartass!” But she did take the hanky.
- Dani, Before The Dawn, book four of The Ending Series

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