October 16, 2012

After The Ending is Participating in the Alpha Male Blog Hop!

Because we love to read as much as we love to write, and pretty much every book that captures out heart includes a captivating, infuriating, and domineering man, we decided to participate in the ALPHA MALE BLOG HOP. It starts this Friday and features the participation of HUNDREDS of blogs...each talking about drool-worthy alpha males. Here, we'll be posting a brand new interview with one of the alphas from After the Ending, book one of The Ending Series.

Here's some info about the blog hop:

What is your favorite thing about Alpha Heroes? Well, we authors are ready to share our favorite Alpha Males, our favorite things about them, and everything sexy and heated about those Alpha Males you can think of. *wink* Starting on Friday and ending on Oct 22nd, over 200 Authors and Bloggers will share their favorite things about those sexy men we know and love.

And while we do that, we are EACH doing a giveaway. Yep. There will be over 200 giveaways on each blog hosted by that Author or Blogger.

But that's not all....

We have THREE grand prizes. You as a reader can go to EACH blog and comment with your email address and be entered to win. Yep, you can enter over 200 times!

Now what are those prizes?

1st Grand Prize: A Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet
2nd Grand Prize: A $130 Amazon or B&N Gift Card
3rd Grand Prize: The following Swag Pack!

1 comment:

  1. Hey there,

    Doing the Alpha Male blog hop! I‘m excited to be a part of this hop! A perfect opportunity to meet new authors! It’s always fun trying to visit as many sites as possible!

    I love alpha heroes who are take charge men! I'm not talking about obnoxious bullies! They are loyal, loving and caring men. They usually have sexy looks, brains, money and a commanding presence that draws people. When they find their mates and fall in love they will move heaven and earth to stake their claim. This is exciting to watch even when they are not sure why they have to have or be with this particular person. An awesome love dance! It’s definitely addicting to read.

    Jason Cartwright gave me the thrill chills! Wow! I luved the almost interview with him. LOL!...the alpha male approach. He made me so want to be Dani...the woman who had his heart.

    Thanks for the opportunity to meet you, explore your site and win some great prizes.

    Belinda G