October 5, 2012

Second Book of The Ending Series is OUTLINED!

To get BOOK TWO started with a bang, we (the Lindseys) have taken a mini writing retreat. We drove several hours north of Napa and are currently hunkered over our laptops, typing away. As of fifteen minutes ago, the OUTLINE is absolutely, totally, and amazingly COMPLETE! We are so FREAKING excited! 

Engagement Phase? :  wedding Funny Pictures Cat Is Excited About Ribbons

Like, really, really, REALLY excited!

And we can't believe how many extra crazy awesome neato plot twists and sneaky things have developed for this next book...not to mention the third and fourth volumes of THE ENDING SERIES. Yippeeeeee!

And...now it's time to start chapter one. OMG! OMG! OMG! 

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