March 3, 2014

The Ending Series Fantasy Cast: CLARA

The fantasy casting call for Clara was especially exciting, likely because she's such a memorable (and disturbing) character. This was the first round that included a fan write-in candidate. Here are the nominees for who should play Clara:

Option 1: Dakota Fanning
Option 2: Rachel McAdams
Option 3: Diana Agron
Bonus 1: Hayden Panettiere
Option 4: Amanda Seyfried

You voted, we listened. The winner is...

Hayden Panettiere
Clara Reynolds is deceptively sweet, devious, and highly unstable - a perfect "wolf in sheep's clothing." Clara's definitely not your run-of-the-mill villain, but few would argue that she's not a villain to the core. Look for her throughout The Ending Series and in novellas 4-6 of The Ending Beginnings.
Clara was one of the last people I wanted to talk to. She creeped me out, especially her bright, vivacious blue eyes--despite their angelic color, they seemed to house the soul of a devil. Her lips were too red, her smile too wide.
(Zoe's description of Clara, chapter 31 of After The Ending)

The race for who should play Clara may be over, but The Ending Series fantasy casting call is only just beginning! Make sure your voice is heard. :D

Currently casting: Sarah Thompson

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